8 December 2016

Mark Dampier: Why value investing is making a comeback

Donald Trump’s victory at the US elections prompted suggestions of Armageddon for financial markets: the usual hot air that accompanies an unexpected event. The Japanese stockmarket was one of the first affected. At its close it had fallen 5 per cent as it became evident Hillary Clinton had lost the race. Investors with unhedged currency […]

Old Mutual Global Investors chief: What 2017 has in store

This year has been a momentous one. The stockmarket’s reaction to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as president of the US momentarily wrong-footed many investors. In both instances, a knee-jerk downward spiral and flight to safe haven assets was followed by virtual euphoria in some areas and corresponding sharp rallies. In literary circles […]

Making the most of fintech and regtech

The client journey is changing rapidly. The rise of financial technology and its low cost of entry represents a great opportunity for our industry. You only have to look at the likes of E-Vestor, Advicefront and Wealth Wizards to see how the advice and planning proposition has already changed. Regulatory technology is also increasing in […]

Roderic Rennison: How to manage your advisers

Most people that run their own firms combine client work with the day-to-day management of it. Clients often have unexpected requirements and, as the lifeblood of the business, the natural thing to do is to give them priority. However, that may mean the management of your employees takes a back seat. It is important not […]

Gregg McClymont

Gregg McClymont: How polls misled the markets in 2016

Like the rest of the world I was caught off guard by the result of the US presidential election. I was talking to some IFAs the other day about the Trumpflation investment story (every major US stock index has hit a new record high on expectations of fiscal stimulus) when a question caught me cold: […]

Martin Bamford: Don’t apologise for our charges

Despite my best endeavours and regular reminders from my wife, I find the act of frugality challenging. The abundance mentality is more attractive than the scarcity mindset. That is not to say I do not have massive respect for anyone who can stick to a tight budget and count the pennies. Advertising and clever marketers […]


Can simplification save protection?

Simplification is regarded by many as part of the solution to poor take-up rates of protection products. The recent Chartered Insurance Institute report, Building Resilient Households, states possible changes to the way products are designed and underwritten may be a significant influence. So how are critical illness insurance providers responding to the need for simple […]


Cold-calling ban is just the start of the war on pension scams

The Government has finally bowed to industry pressure and the weight of logic by confirming it plans to ban pensions cold-calling. While full details have yet to be published, the Treasury has also indicated providers will be given greater powers to block transfers to suspicious schemes. In addition, policymakers plan to crack down on the […]

Chris Gilchrist: The problem with managing to volatility

Advisers deal with people who have capital. For the vast majority the prime concern is not losing their capital. As people get to grips with the consequences of increased longevity and lower-for-longer interest rates, this is becoming more important. In decumulation, a serious market downturn can wipe you out in a way that it simply […]