Wells Street Journal: FCA flunks psychology 101

There is nothing like being told you are not allowed to do something to make you want to do it more and the WSJ urges the FCA to heed this well-known psychological theory when it comes to press handling.

It is no secret there have been numerous roundtable meetings in recent weeks held by the FCA with various industry trade bodies to discuss the FSCS funding model.

However, after details from the initial meetings were reported in the press the FCA has now told meeting attendants they are not allowed to talk about what goes on with anyone outside the meeting room’s four walls.

Does WSJ really need to spell out to the regulator that having a door shut in your face is not a deterrent to a journalist but an incentive to find out more?

Spirit of Scrooge stalks (undecked) halls

As well as advocating a policy of remaining tight-lipped, it seems the regulator also has tight purse strings – particularly when it comes to Christmas cheer.

The WSJ can reveal the regulator spent nothing on Christmas decorations at its Canary Wharf headquarters last year and just £20.96 on decorations at its Edinburgh office.

The FCA explains that the Christmas tree it puts in its Canary Wharf reception is included in the more than £23,000 it spends on plant maintenance. Which leads the WSJ to wonder what it dresses it with given it spent £0 on baubles and tinsel.

A bare Christmas tree is a sad sight – any readers willing to donate ornaments are urged to do so.