7 January 2016

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Robo-advice and new FCA rules set to take centre stage

Robo-advice, a new advice framework and the challenge of meeting new capital adequacy rules look set to be the regulatory issues that dominate in 2016. Advice firms have been told to brace themselves for yet more change in the form of a new leadership team at the FCA, as well as reforms to the advice […]

Lee Robertson: Papyrophobia and the protection gap

According to our trusty friend Google, the best term to use for a fear of filling in forms is “papyrophobia”. I was interested to see just how many articles there are on the subject, discussing everything from the inconvenience it can cause to how it can bring on real anxiety in many people. I came to […]


Robert Sinclair: Double trouble for the buy-to-let market

The Government has turned decisively against the private landlord in favour of the first-time buyer. While the various purchase assistance schemes that speckled the last government, culminating in two flavours of Help to Buy, provided welcome support to get people on the housing ladder, it has clearly not been enough. Indeed, it seems a long-term […]

Claire Trott: Preparing for the new pension protections

We are gearing up for another new round of pension protection but this time it should have been much simpler. Online applications with no certificates issued and the ability to apply at any point the client wants to with no deadlines. Well, that is what we have been told to expect anyway. We have known […]


Profile: Bellpenny’s Nigel Stockton on acquiring advisers and serving the mass market

Nigel Stockton is annoyed. When he sits down with Money Marketing it is the day after the FCA announced a probe into advice firm consolidators’ acquisition processes. The regulator is concerned about the quality of suitability checks and whether acquired clients are being shunted into centralised investment propositions. And while the new Bellpenny chief executive […]

John Pattullo: Five lessons for fixed income investors

It was Albert Einstein who said the only source of knowledge is experience. If experience is the best teacher, then 2015 leaves fixed income investors a legacy of five lessons: Understand and accept where we are in the credit cycle. In the US, creditor‑unfriendly activities such as mergers and acquisitions, share buybacks and special dividends […]


How will volatile markets react to US rate hike?

Market ructions are set to continue this year as the monetary policies of major central banks begin to diverge, experts say. The Federal Reserve has finally raised interest rates by 25 basis points in response to improving  economic data. But Pictet Wealth Management head of asset allocation and macro research Christophe Donay says uncertainty over the timing […]

Tom Baigrie: A vintage year for the protection market

Although it is far too early to tell whether the protection market grew in 2015, it felt to me like a vintage year. On the retail side, Insurance Conduct of Business Sourcebook regulatory activity was minimal, which may explain why there was so much excellent innovation in the sector. A host of new insurers came, […]


Scott Gallacher: Sting in the Waspi tale

As an adviser it is no surprise I try to keep up to date with everything surrounding personal finance. This is not just for the continuing professional development requirement but also that I am passionate about the subject and want to be able to give my clients the best. Of course, the general public have […]


Nic Cicutti: Apfa is misleading on regulatory costs

For those of us at the sharp end of our business, journalism can be a ferociously competitive trade. Earning a decent wedge is great, of course, but what really matters to most of us who scribble for a living is a byline above the articles we write. For some colleagues, however, what also matters is […]


DWP to consult on overseas pension blockage

The Government plans to act to help thousands of expatriates who are struggling to access their final salary pensions eight months after the launch of the pension freedoms. Money Marketing understands the Department for Work and Pensions is to launch a consultation to address concerns that people living abroad with UK pensions are having difficulty in […]