7 December 2017

Jason Butler: The essential skill many advisers overlook

There is no doubt UK regulated advisers have become much more professional and capable. Salaries for qualified advice professionals range from £30,000 to £120,000, depending on location, experience and level of responsibility. Despite the widely-held belief young people are not joining the sector, my experience is that there are plenty pursuing a career in advice. Next Gen […]


Adrian Boulding: DB transfers need independent guidance service

The state of the defined benefit transfer market is shocking. News stories break with alarming repetitiveness of advisers withdrawing their services. If this was cowboys being driven out then perhaps we could say life was improving. But I know a number of the advice firms withdrawing and I rate them highly. Over the years, my […]

Capturing less wealthy clients can be worth the risk

Servicing smaller clients remains a challenge. Actually, it is inaccurate to refer to this service deficit as a challenge because that assumes finding a way to reach this group profitably, competitively and compliantly is something advisers are bothered about. They are not. In the main. Although some recognise the latent opportunities from the so-called mass […]