Wells Street Journal: Alien concept lacks currency


Not all banks can claim support from extraterrestrials, but unauthorised WeRe Bank is an exception.

The blender, which has made up its own bizarre ‘Re’ currency and claims to offer cheap cheques that force lenders to write off debts, made headlines recently when the FOS logged dozens of complaints about the firm.

The firm’s founder, ‘Peter of England’, who is a friend of conspiracy theorist David Icke, claims “both on-planet and off-planet” involvement in his firm.

Speaking to the WSJ, Peter, who at one point referred to the noble press corps as “presstitutes”, said he wanted the bank to “get the people to implode the fiat currencies”.

He added that many in the financial services sector were fed up with “the degree of criminality and theft, and they realise that eventually it’s going to change”.

Perhaps sensing mild scepticism from the journalist involved, Peter gave the conspiracy theory pot a stir.

He said: “There is a concerted effort within the media to preserve the status quo. If you are favourable about what we’re doing you would probably be removed from your post, so I do understand.”

The WSJ can confirm that none of its journalists will be fired for an overtly pro-WeRe stance any time soon.