6 October 2016


Why are global equity income funds failing to beat their benchmark?

With investors continuing on their hunt for yield, global equity income funds remain firmly in the spotlight. The popularity of the sector is a phenomenon that started following the financial crisis in 2008, when investors rushed into safe-haven assets. Dividend stocks provided a welcome shelter from the storm. Extensive quantitative easing programmes from central banks […]


Making strategic alliances work for your advice business

How strong and profitable are the business alliances you currently have? Are they a result of a plan or have they just evolved over time? Establishing alliances with other like-minded professionals makes sound business sense for many reasons: 1. Life is less lonely Many businesses are small and there are 1.7 million “one-man bands” operating […]

Why advisers should sell their specialist knowledge

I recently asked one of my clients what they found most valuable about the work we had done for them. Some would call it a subtle way of blowing one’s own trumpet. Others would say you are missing out on a learning opportunity if you do not ask for feedback. Of course, it is also […]


John Lawson: Why it is time to scrap the lifetime allowance

The factors used in pension tax law to measure defined benefit pensions have become increasingly outdated since the 2006 simplification project. Arguably, the factors used at that time to convert DB into cash amounts for measurement against the annual and lifetime allowances were generous to members. Today, there can be no argument that defined contribution […]

Neil Woodford: Rethinking the status quo on jobs and inflation

As a student of economics and agricultural economics at Exeter University in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was well aware of my chosen subject’s dubious nickname as the “dismal science”. In many respects, the agricultural aspect of my course appealed to me more and I did seriously contemplate a career in farming upon […]

Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch: The next tax scheme HMRC has in its sights

There is an amazing new tax scheme that is said to turn income into capital gains. Better yet, the capital gains are only taxed at 10 per cent because they benefit from entrepreneurs’ relief. The scheme operates like this. You have a company that is currently paying you from its profits and you sell the […]


Exposing contradictions between the FOS and the courts

Recent judgements in two complaint cases – one in the courts and one by the Financial Ombudsman Service – have provided interesting observations around suitability, financial sophistication and risk appetite. In the legal case, the court produced a noteworthy approach as to how it may assess whether a professional has breached their duty of care […]


Robert Reid: Let’s make advice terms clearer for consumers

I always wondered when phone recording would become the default. It reminds me of the police interviews on television where the twin cassettes enable the defence to get a copy of the recording too. I am keen on the requirement being taken further to video recording, as are the professional indemnity insurers. Of course, some […]


Adviser directories challenged over value and quality of referrals

What is the best way to attract new clients? Is it professional connections? Direct marketing? Word of mouth? Whichever way you cut it, any sustainable advice firm needs to have a reliable way to generate leads. Adviser directories Unbiased and VouchedFor have both upped their efforts to convince advisers why their search and ranking engines […]