5 October 2017


The strange new world of Mifid II inducement rules

“Dear Steve. You are cordially (but professionally) invited (well, you will have to pay for half of it) to attend our forthcoming conference (and please expunge any previous association you may have with the word – this is, I assure you, nothing of the sort) on tax planning. “To elaborate (and by this we mean […]


Neil Liversidge: When adviser networking doesn’t work

Networking is generally an excellent way to do business; if it is done right. My networking method is simple: we maintain the best possible business relationships with our suppliers. How do we do that? By paying on the nail as soon as a job is done and by referring trustworthy suppliers to our own clients […]


Graham Bentley: The many problems with asset allocation models

Former FCA technical specialist turned consultant Rory Percival’s recent survey of risk profiling tools has stirred up yet more controversy regarding the suitability of asset allocation models within a risk assessment framework. I have had a number of approaches from model portfolio managers asking for help with asset allocation modelling, in particular the process of […]