4 February 2016

Rock Caspar Architas 2014

Architas’ Caspar Rock: Taking the long view in times of volatility

Architas chief investment officer Caspar Rock explains why he’s backing longer-dated bonds and considers the implications of the UK potentially leaving the EU this year. Long duration assets Despite the strong run in gilts, especially very long-dated ones, duration in fixed income portfolios is still a vital means of diversification. The markets remain fixated on […]

Angela Rayner

How Labour plans to wage the pensions policy battle

Labour’s fourth shadow pensions minister in under a year says she will introduce a “campaigning element” to the role, holding the Government to account over the retirement freedoms, automatic enrolment and the new state pension. The party has been criticised for stepping back from key financial services debates, including the Financial Advice Market Review and the pension […]


Pete Matthew: Why not having the time is the worst excuse going

I have been told several times I seem to get a lot done. In my own mind I am no busier than anyone else but I do manage a 14-person practice while advising my own bank of clients, at the same time creating content three times a week for my award-winning personal finance site MeaningfulMoney. Oh, […]


Ian McKenna: Offering advised clients the best of both worlds

Investment sales data released by the FCA in December showed that non-advised sales exceeded advised for the first time ever. This makes True Potential’s recent announcement regarding the addition of a client self-service option to its adviser websites particularly timely. The new service will enable firms to put forward a hybrid proposition that will deliver […]


Tom Baigrie: The toxic element of our lawmakers’ culture

Any group of people forming a team will acquire their own culture along the way: a predisposition to certain ways of thinking and thus modes of expression and typical behaviours. Once established, it is very hard to change that culture, ways and modes. This is true whether the corporate body is a commercial business, a […]

Sector focus: China’s overlooked bright spots are cause for optimism

Global markets had a difficult start to the year, this time led down by China. The country’s ongoing growth and currency concerns undoubtedly played a part but the poor implementation of a market circuit breaker made it much worse, prompting fears about liquidity. But why does China matter so much? Some say it is because the global economy is still […]