30 March 2017

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Dennis Hall: Why I don’t have an exit plan

I will be castigated for saying this but I do not have an exit plan. I know; it is ludicrous at my age. In fact, why have I not exited already? I thought it was only me that had not figured it out but after several conversations with others in a similar position I find I […]


Apfa: Holding the FCA to account on adviser numbers

Data is important. Produced clearly, accurately and consistently, it allows policymakers to better understand the impact of their decisions upon the people and markets affected. It also enables those within the industry to conduct their own investigations in order to more effectively hold the Government and regulator to account. This is why, in the wake […]


Tony Wickenden: Govt is not finished with NI and tax inequality

This year’s Budget saw a couple of key themes emerge of relevance to the financial planning process. Both were driven by the Government’s disquiet with the “unfair” differences in tax and National Insurance liabilities on the earnings of the employed, self-employed and owner/managers of private limited companies. Of course, as well as the unfairness, there […]

Mark Dampier: Why boring investing can be good investing

Wealth preservation has been at the top of the list of priorities at Troy Asset Management since it was established in 2000. Founded by the late Lord Weinstock and named after his Derby-winning racehorse, the family still owns 37 per cent of the business, which has gone from strength to strength. Limiting losses in a […]


Ian McKenna: How to pick an automated advice partner

My last column looked at the automated and semi-automated advice propositions from Intelliflo and Distribution Technology. But while these companies have the most users for their existing software, they are far from the only organisations offering technology to help provide lower- cost guidance and advice. My team is tracking over 150 different digital “advice” propositions […]


Danby Bloch: The end of salary sacrifice as we know it

The Government has just published draft clauses in the Finance Bill setting out how the new salary sacrifice rules will work. I offer no apologies for returning to this controversial new tax law, which will more or less annihilate flexible remuneration, cost employees a great deal of tax and their employers a hefty increase in […]


Chris Gilchrist: Finding fault with the passive evangelists

Why would you buy an index tracker fund? Because very few active fund managers consistently generate higher returns than a representative market index? That is not – as many passive evangelists think – a slam-dunk proposition. The degree of market efficiency varies from market to market and among sub-sets of stocks within markets over time. […]


Phil Young: A word of warning on VCTs and EISs

As we approach tax year-end and with pension tax allowances continuing to shrink, I have noticed an increased interest in alternative income tax relief investments such as enterprise investment schemes/seed enterprise investment schemes and venture capital trusts. But while these products can be the right recommendation, they should not be seen as the next-in-line investment […]


Chevening Financial on old ladies and the importance of community spirit

Some advice firms participate in their local community by donating money to charities. However, co-founder and director of Kent-based Chevening Financial David Hawes-Gatt has discovered  playing a more active role can be more rewarding in both a business and personal sense. Every Thursday morning, Hawes-Gatt collects local pensioners from their homes to take them food […]


Steve Bee: Is this the best we can do on pensions?

Most of us working in the UK these days are heading for a period of great worry and uncertainty later in life when we become pensioners. Despite the fact we have had a thriving pensions industry for more than 60 years, and a state pension system for over a century, the nation seems unable to […]