Wells Street Journal: Investec drafts in heavies to guard priceless zebras

Not many companies in this industry think their employees are important enough for their own security guards, but it seems there are some zebras in the industry that are important enough for this honour.

Investec has become synonymous with its iconic zebra, with the larger-than-life statue being wheeled out at a number of events.

But such is the attraction of the zebra that Investec has had to hire security guards to protect it against drunken revellers. It seemed that when the statue was wheeled out rugby games, the lure for drunken rugby players to climb on it was too much, meaning Investec had to get the heavies in to protect it.

Never mind the Brexit, here’s the news

Brexit, David Cameron’s resignation and the UK sitting on the precipice of an economic recession were not the only world-changing headlines to emerge on 24 June.

In other – but no less important – news, State Street Global Advisors announced it had won an annual charity five-a-side football competition. To put this historic victory in context, State Street had to fend off 24 other teams to emerge as winners.

With the announcement landing in WSJ’s inbox at 08:23 offers for interviews with the champions were politely ignored. Also in breaking news on the 24th, Government-backed auto-enrolment scheme Nest revealed it had issued a response to its consultation on changes to its rules – cue sharp intakes of breath across the office.

WSJ was tempted to stop its presses but, with the UK as we know it falling down around our ears, we simply didn’t have the time.