3 May 2018


Adrian Boulding: Advisers should not feel threatened by default drawdown

The work and pensions committee’s recent recommendation that drawdown providers offer a 0.75 per cent charging ‘default decumulation pathway’ by April 2019 has hit the headlines. The idea is that it will protect disengaged customers who may make poor investment and decumulation choices. Either trustees or independent governance committees would choose both a default fund […]

Phil Wickenden: Loyalty is more important than price

Mifid II and rules on inducements are shaking up the thinking of many providers in relation to what they do for advisers, including what support they deliver. And rightly so. What providers should spend their support budgets on is a big concern. But while some are looking at the burden of regulation as a convenient […]

Profile: Smart Financial boss on his lifestyle planning lightbulb moment

Smart Financial chief executive on his lifestyle planning epiphany and how it led to his training academy  Before becoming a certified financial planner in 2005, Smart Financial chief executive Steve Martin admits to not having the skills and tools to join the dots between what people had and what they wanted. With the certificate, everything changed. […]

Tony Wickenden: Do clients’ IHT set-ups pass new HMRC test?

Those that do not comply with the new requirements risk incurring substantial penalties When it comes to tax matters, you may not be surprised to learn I am especially interested in HM Revenue & Customs’ and the Treasury’s strategy to stamp out aggressive avoidance that defeats the intent of Parliament. A key part of that […]


Tom Hegarty: Keeping client relationships strong

Do not let clients forget about everything you can do for them in between your scheduled reviews The introduction of the RDR had a number of implications for advisers, one of the biggest being the ban on commission. The change necessitated a shift from a transactional to a service-based proposition delivered in return for a […]

How to keep your discretionary advice arm watertight

The onus on firms to meet the FCA’s increasing expectation should not be underestimated Effective systems and controls are crucial for advice firms in managing risk and delivering good client outcomes. It is an area the regulator is continually looking for firms to strengthen, through changes such as Mifid II. Indeed, the onus on firms […]

Trevor Greetham: Has global growth peaked?

All good things come to an end, but it is unlikely we will see a recession return any time soon After the unreal calm of 2017, we have seen a pronounced increase in equity market volatility so far this year. Markets are trading at levels similar to those seen at the start of 2018, but […]


Nick Bamford: Don’t be dumb, use a checklist

I was lying on a hospital bed being wheeled into surgery (nothing serious, I am pleased to say) as I tried to distract myself listening to the conversation between the anaesthetist and the theatre nurses. The anaesthetist was speaking out loud as she carried out her work: “First, I will inject the antibiotic…” I believe […]