29 June 2017


Neil Liversidge: Advisers should be a source journalists trust

Concluding my short series on building your media profile, the first tip this month is very simple: be a source journalists can trust. A reputation as a reliable source is vital. Occasionally, journalists bring me stories needing facts checked and perspective given on a confidential basis. One such story concerned a well-known public figure’s personal […]


Paul Lewis: Scrap National Insurance contributions

Is it time to scrap the National Insurance fund? Despite its name, it is not a fund and it is not insurance, though a fiction is carefully woven around it to make it appear as if it is both. Its very name is misleading. The word “fund” makes people think of a pot of money […]


Nick Bamford: ‘Boring’ investments will top the unregulated tide

I still believe I can play football, even if it is mostly in my head rather than on the pitch. That said, I recently played against my grandson’s under-8s team in the parents/guardians versus children end of season match. I rose majestically in the first minute to score the opening goal with a stunning header. […]


Alistair Cunningham: Charging biases need addressing

We are all fallible humans, each with a complex set of biases influenced by our past experiences and other incentives available to us. Contingent charging is an area where this bias is at its most extreme. But although it has been called for by some, I would not ban the model. The problem could well […]