28 September 2017

Gregg McClymont: Getting inside clients’ heads

It is hard to attend an adviser conference these days without a session on behavioural economics. A discipline which first emerged in the 1970s, its insights into psychological biases have been profound. If human cognitive failure is almost hard-wired into our daily functioning, then finding a way to nudge individuals towards making good decisions becomes […]

Have advisers got it wrong on customer experience?

Think about the last time you received great customer service. You probably expressed that experience to others by describing it something like “fantastic service”. You may have used stronger adjectives depending on your exuberance and natural disposition. But what you are most likely talking about is your overall experience with the company. It is easy […]

Billy Burrows: Why drawdown advice is essential

Shopping around for the best deal has never been easier, with many websites available to compare prices on consumer goods and services. But shopping around is not something that happens very often with pensions today. Before the freedom and choice regime effectively killed off annuities, most people with above average pensions shopped around for the […]