28 June 2018

Claire Trott: Heads together for best pension outcomes

Prior to A-day, pension work was a financial planning exercise dealt with by just one profession. There was very little crossover with others in terms of calculations and advice, but since the advent of pension freedoms in 2015, professionals have needed to work together to get the best outcomes for clients. The best bits of […]


Adrian Boulding: Robo key to advisers’ survival

Last month, the FCA released its findings from its review of automated advice providers. The results looked worrying for robos, with concerns flagged in the areas of suitability and fee disclosure, in particular. But while it is clear some online players need to do a much better job, robos more broadly are far from being run […]


Malcolm McLean: Beware the gathering Sipp storm

The news that Sipp provider GPC Sipp is facing around 150 legal claims for compensation in relation to losses incurred from unregulated investments in the Harlequin property fund will be ringing alarm bells in many offices. The case is expected to enter the courts early next year and follows a number of other yet-to-be-concluded court […]