28 July 2016


Do investors still have faith in Abenomics?

Japanese equities have been testing investors’ patience lately, although their lacklustre performance stretches back 12 months. Having anticipated the Japanese renaissance when Shinzo Abe was elected prime minister in December 2012 (a move that saw the Topix index rise from its torpor around 500 to over 1100 last summer, before falling back to around 800), […]


Stephen Womack: Advice is the calm amidst Brexit noise

“May you live in interesting times” is widely known as a Chinese curse. Supposedly, by wishing your enemies to war – the interesting times – you were wishing them ill. In fact, the curse is a myth. There is no equivalent Chinese saying and the “interesting times” phrase can probably be traced back to the […]


John Lawson: What are the best ways to improve auto-enrolment?

Next year marks the fifth anniversary of the introduction of automatic enrolment and the appointed date for the Government’s first stocktake. With auto-enrolment already lauded as one of the most successful policy interventions in modern history, what can we do to make it even better? The first thing to say is that, by 2017, the job […]


Claire Trott: Brexit shouldn’t mean pension policy U-turns

There has been a lot of talk since the referendum around the changes that might come about due to the need for the country to raise cash. We now have a new Prime Minister and a new Chancellor, both of whom could influence a complete or partial change of policy with regards to our pensions regime. However, apart from […]


Making the most of death benefits under pension freedoms

It still surprises me somewhat that the long-term opportunities of the death benefit regime accompanying the pension freedoms are not fully appreciated by all. Before freedoms were introduced, a pension scheme paid out the death benefits at the trustees’ discretion, informed by the nomination/expression of wish completed by the pension holder. The cheque would be […]


Mark Mobius: Emerging markets bright spots post-Brexit

On Friday 24 June financial markets around the world awoke to a post-Brexit hangover. The UK voting to leave the European Union left many investors surprised and the uncertainty of the situation and what comes next hit all markets. The emerging world was far from exempt, with the MSCI EM index experiencing a sharp decline. […]

Platforum head of intermediary research Miranda Seath

Powering the platforms: Why Transact prefers in-house technology

To use chief development officer Jonathan Gunby’s terminology, Transact is a “compulsive insourcer”. It runs its own life companies, nominee and custodian and has also designed its own end-to-end system. This comprises the main administration system Transact online and an illustration system. The Australian technology company behind the development of these systems, Integrated Applications Development […]


Steve Bee: Where will the jobs come from for older workers?

Over 20 years ago, towards the end of the 20th century, our government decided to require millions of older people in the future to remain in the workforce for longer. That decision was in response to the generally accepted view of likely increases in longevity. At the same time, it also decided to equalise the […]