David Shelton: Tackling training at a company level

While the majority of training should be at the individual job level, there is sometimes a case for a more structured business-wide approach. This can be beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • There are several people who need the same training or development
  • The regulator has set specific standards to be achieved
  • Access is possible to external courses or providers if you have sufficient numbers (recognising that providers often provide training at their expense or at a subsidised charge)
  • The business wishes to implement consistent policies and procedures
  • Training has not previously been managed centrally and there is evidence that many people have similar development requirements.

Not all training has to be formal face-to-face sessions but having a structure of activities from classroom to job share is important to ensure the objectives of the training are met and the activity is motivational for those involved. Being clear about what is required by applying a “training needs analysis” can also be highly beneficial.

David Shelton is a consultant at Stoke Bishop Associates