28 January 2016


Phil Young: Under the FCA’s all-seeing eye

The concept of the panopticon – a prison with a single watchtower where inmates do not know if and when they are watched so must always assume they are – was adopted by French thinker Michel Foucault to explain how all relationships of power function. Imagery aside, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Maintaining […]


Tony Byrne: Osborne’s absurd ‘Alice in Wonderland’ B2L tax grab

Chancellor George Osborne announced a number of swingeing tax increases targeted to hit individual buy-to-let investors in his summer Budget last year. The measures are complex, harsh and highly discriminatory against private landlords. In fact, they are so financially absurd they have been described as the “Alice In Wonderland tax grab”. The four key changes […]

Gregg McClymont

Gregg McClymont: What does good look like post pension freedoms?

The New Year is always a time for predictions. So here goes. If automatic enrolment was 2014’s theme and 2015 dominated by the first cohorts with access to pensions freedom and choice, this year is set to be the year in which defining value for money and determining “good outcomes” enters stage right. Trustees and […]

The small print on new IHT rules and downsizing

Last year the Government announced measures designed to tackle the growing number of estates drawn into an inheritance tax liability through house price appreciation. The residence nil-rate band will eventually allow up to £175,000 of property wealth per person to be passed on with no IHT liability. Added to the standard nil-rate band of £325,000, […]

Platforum head of intermediary research Miranda Seath

Platform focus: Can Novia continue to steal a march on its rivals?

Novia continue to steal a march on many of its peers by forging ahead with bringing discretionary fund managers onto its platform It offers access to a wide range of DFMs: currently 60 and counting. In this week’s platform focus, we take a look at why it has been so successful in attracting DFMs and […]

John Lawson: Getting the most from new tax-free allowances

New rules for taxing dividends and allowing payment of ordinary bank deposit interest tax-free will fundamentally change what assets savers and investors hold in different wrappers. From 6 April, the new tax rules for bank deposits will see banks pay interest gross, rather than after a deduction of 20 per cent income tax. Under a […]

John Chatfeild-Roberts: What to expect from markets this year

When looking back at 2015 one thing is particularly notable: the behaviour patterns of investors and the volatility of the market differed so much between the first and second halves of the year. For most major Western stock markets, the first half was a continuation of the bull run that began out of the ashes […]

Question marks-confusion-puzzle

The unanswered questions facing secondary annuity market

It is no longer a question of “if” we will get a secondary annuity market, or even “when”. At the end of 2015, the Government confirmed plans to extend the pension freedom rules to those who have already retired would be delayed for a year. This means from April 2017 existing annuity holders should be […]


Smarter Business Innovators: Bradbury Hamilton’s Sheriar Bradbury

A big part of your growth strategy since you set up the firm has come down to acquisitions. What made you decide to go down that route? Before I moved into financial services I was training to be a chartered accountant, and I learnt a lot of their revenue was recurring. They did not have […]