28 April 2016

Mark Barnett: Why I still back pharma

Two years ago, I outlined in this column why I was backing the pharmaceutical sector. Back then I saw the sector set to benefit from attractive demographics (an ageing population in the West, along with increasing wealth in emerging markets) and the technology changes arising from the mapping of the human genome in the late-1990s. […]


Darius McDermott: Is the Japanese dream team out of ammunition?

To say Japan has had a tricky start to the year is an understatement. Negative interest rates introduced at the end of January bizarrely boosted the yen, while equities tumbled 14.7 per cent in the two weeks following the cut. That is Japan in a nutshell really: investors can either be wildly successful or wildly […]

Tom Hegarty: How to be a general practitioner adviser

When I joined the New Model Business Academy in January, one of the first things I did was ask all members to complete our training needs analysis survey so I could ascertain what the most important areas of focus were for them. Gaining a better understanding of the priorities of more than 16,000 financial services […]

Mark Devlin: Getting ready for the residence nil rate band

Fred and Daphne, aged 70, are comfortably retired and have £20,000 of excess pension income building up in their bank account. They also own a house worth £850,000 and have £75,000 in their bank accounts. As they have been building up excess income, last year they jointly placed £300,000 of their accumulated wealth into a […]

Tony Wickenden: How the Panama Papers leak will impact tax planning advice

The Panama Papers scandal represents an unprecedented leak of 11.5 million files from the database of offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca. The records were obtained from an anonymous source by the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, which shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The ICIJ then shared them with a large network of […]


Malcolm McLean: Govt must come clean on the future of the state pension

We now have our new flat-rate or single-tier state pension up and running, available for all those reaching state pension age from 6 April. But just how good is this new pension going to be? According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, there is a “considerable risk of disillusionment” likely to creep in as people […]

Where is the product innovation post-pension freedoms?

The announcement of pension freedoms cast a shadow over the future of annuities, with their demise widely predicted amid criticism of low rates offering poor value. But recent data from the Association of British Insurers suggests otherwise. One year on from the introduction of the freedom and choice regime, its statistics show now the initial rush to […]

Fidelity: The pensions challenge faced by employers

We welcomed the launch of the Lifetime Isa, not least because of the generous tax benefits it offers, especially to those on lower earnings. These tax benefits are better than those available on pensions for many people, which raises the question of whether the Lifetime Isa should replace pensions as the preferred way of saving […]

Mel Kenny: We must collaborate to beat the scammers

It has been a long time coming but the FCA is finally promising to take another look at financial scams. Without doubt, the level of professionalism among regulated advisers and the respect from other professions are now both huge. I look around and find colleagues far and wide so much more qualified compared with 10 years […]