26 November 2015

Stephen Lowe 480

Stephen Lowe: Developing the gold blend for retirement

Solutions providing customers with a guaranteed income for life have been the bedrock of retirement planning for decades but now flexi-access drawdown has become available to all. Both options have obvious pros and cons but the beauty of the new rules is that there is nothing to stop retirees seeking the best of both worlds: […]


Billy Burrows: Delivering drawdown to the mass market

Ever since the pension freedoms were announced I have been asking the following question: what does drawdown for the mass-market look like? The answer to this question lies in tackling two important issues: who is drawdown most suitable for and which products are most suitable? Traditionally, drawdown has been regarded as an option only suitable […]

James Jones-Tinsley: Govt Finance Act delay is unacceptable

The Finance Act 2015-16 commenced its passage through Parliament back in July, shortly after the summer Budget. It contains legislation underpinning the contents of that first Conservative only Budget for 19 years, following their unanticipated victory in May’s general election. From a pensions perspective, the Act includes the tapering of the annual allowance for those […]

Andrew Tully: Pension freedoms product innovation is taking shape

There was little evidence in April to back up the Government’s belief the pension freedom changes would drive product innovation in the retirement market. But now, more than six months on, innovation is starting to take shape. The new solutions appearing are primarily a blend of annuities and drawdown designed to help people make the […]


Richard Parkin: Why are savers not seeking Pension Wise guidance?

Just over six months into the freedom and choice regime, mutterings about the success or otherwise of Pension Wise are getting louder. Evidence to the Work and Pensions select committee has suggested take-up of the Government’s independent guidance service could be as low as one in 10 of those accessing their pension pots. Pensions minister […]

Mel Kenny

Mel Kenny: The challenge of advising the masses

Like most financial advisers, I find it hard to turn down a conversation. It was drummed into me all those years ago. Now, however, it can be a case of trying to get out of a conversation once someone hears you are an adviser, for we are no longer two a penny but gold dust. […]


Ian McKenna: Reinventing the delivery of protection advice

One of the most frequent questions asked by life insurers is, why do advisers not sell more protection cover? For a long time, a valid answer was that the industry did not make it easy for them. However, a number of recent developments provide clear evidence that has changed. Traditionally, advisers providing protection advice have […]


Mark Dampier: Hunt for income goes beyond UK equities

The Newton Global Income fund is 10 years old this month. Not terribly remarkable when compared with the likes of Foreign & Colonial’s investment trust, which launched in 1868, but more impressive when viewed in the context of global income funds. Global income funds are a relatively new concept and Newton was one of the […]

John Chatfeild-Roberts: Reading the smoke signals from central banks

The global divergence in interest rate policies has been a continuing theme throughout the year. We have seen it all: anticipation of a rise in the US and UK, more stability in the eurozone and Japan as both peruse significant quantitative easing programmes, and falling rates elsewhere, including China. There has also been a decline […]

Martin Tilley: Don’t let firms miss out on cash shelters

It was the mysterious Mr Phelps who in 1889 was credited with the quote: “A man who never makes a mistake will never make anything.” This could well be a mantra for the entrepreneurial owners of small and medium-sized firms who will sometimes take business risks in the pursuit of growth. That is not to […]

Avoiding the ‘set and forget’ approach to systems and controls

The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving as innovation in the financial markets means new risks to be managed regularly appear. One in particular is conduct risk and it is important we do not let this become an area about which we talk much and do little. Firms will increasingly see the FCA  identifying instances of […]