25 February 2016


Simon Collins: What the FCA has to say about outsourcing

Many businesses use and rely on the services provided by third parties. But while FCA-regulated firms are able to outsource a number of different activities they remain accountable in the  vent something goes wrong. With this in mind, it is imperative a firm conducts thorough due diligence on any service being outsourced, whether it be […]

Martin Tilley: What does the Budget have in store for higher earners?

Most enquiries received by our technical team in recent weeks have been around the need to maximise contributions for high earners prior to the end of the tax year and as a precaution ahead of the Budget. The reason for the activity circles around the incoming tapering of annual allowance for those with adjusted earnings […]


Tom Kean: Pensions misselling disaster waiting in the wings

I have been in financial services longer than I care to admit and I reckon I have seen more than my fair share of ups and downs. One downer beginning to gain traction among the lobbying community is the ever-louder call for us to be left alone. This call is not as entirely selfish and self-serving […]


Andrew Tully: Justice is served over pension death benefits

Since the freedom and choice regime was introduced almost a year ago, there has been enormous focus on the numbers of people cashing in their pension pot or being targeted by scammers. These are clearly crucial areas but another very significant change appears to have been missed in some quarters. April also introduced much better death […]

John Pattullo: Herd mentality reaches dangerous levels in fixed income

The market turbulence we are currently witnessing is being caused, at least in part, by the well known herd mentality of the investment community. Herd behaviour comes from euphoria/greed, the fear of being ignorant or panic/loss aversion seeking safety in numbers. While the technical reasons differ every time in the market, the real reason remains […]


Claire Trott: Brace for another Budget shake-up to pensions

The Budget is less than three weeks away and is set to provide another shake-up to the pensions world. Or so we have been led to believe. Here is a round-up of the key events we anticipate. Changes to tax relief on contributions The biggest question mark hangs over the issue of pensions tax relief. The […]


Kim North: Drowning in a sea of consultations

Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay but time will not.” How relevant, with such a busy time ahead of us. Next month’s Budget is expected to remove higher rate tax relief from pensions and the FCA is conducting reviews and consultations at a rate I have never seen before. In fact, there is so […]