23 November 2017


Neil Liversidge: Mistrust shows how public are coached against IFAs

In future, I shall delete all emails announcing surveys alleging advisers are not trusted by the public. They are deceptive and demoralising drivel. Who answers surveys anyway? When approached by survey-takers in the street I employ the kind of high-speed body-swerve of which most professional footballers would be proud. Those conducting telephone surveys are told […]

Little details make the difference to great advice

Never forget that everything counts. Every aspect of your business says something about who you are, what you value and the kind of experience a client can expect to have should they choose to give you the time of day. Brochures, employees, products, packaging, wallpaper, flowers, absence of flowers – each small detail is communicating […]

Axing stamp duty does not solve lack of savings in UK

Some no doubt popular moves from Chancellor Philip Hammond in this week’s Budget, including a crackdown on those companies that avoid paying tax in the UK and focusing on making the country a world leader in the technology revolution. Aside from the new railcard for those lucky enough to be aged 26 to 30, the […]