23 March 2017


Billy Burrows: How do you judge a retirement product’s value?

This month I want to talk about value for money in financial services, which surfaces in two distinct places. First, the value for money in terms of advice and, second, the value for money of specific products or solutions. When it comes to trying to communicate the value of advice, it is very difficult for […]


Finding the holes in the new Qrops rules

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first (and last) Spring Budget was, as expected, thinner than his predecessors’. But that did not stop him from delivering some surprises. One of these was the introduction of a 25 per cent overseas transfer charge applying to qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes. The move was a bold step by the Chancellor […]

Lee Robertson

The Big Interview: Investment Quorum’s chief on making platforms adviser-friendly

For Investment Quorum chief executive Lee Robertson, no single initiative has done more for clients than platforms. He remembers the days of ringing up insurance companies to get valuations. “They were usually late and inevitably wrong,” he says. Robertson heaps generous praise on platforms and speaks with admiration for the businesses they have built. However, […]


Tony Wickenden: Allowance cut is not the end of dividend planning

The importance of dividends (particularly reinvested dividends) as a contributor to investment returns is undeniable. So their taxation is of considerable interest. The introduction of the £5,000 dividend allowance from 6 April 2016, with an increase of 7.5 per cent to the rate of tax applying to dividends above the allowance, represented a significant change […]

Missed Budget opportunities leave advisers in the lurch

The world of financial services, and the pensions industry in particular, stood in anticipation of the outcome of the Spring Budget. Was Chancellor Philip Hammond going to make a name for himself with a bold and forward thinking plan?  Or was he going to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and continue with the […]


Do investors know when they haven’t had advice?

The more I think about what it means to be independent, the more I realise there is some kind of moral stance to be taken here. I know enough ex-bank, execution-only and certain other tied advisers who tell me their previous life was completely restricted in every sense. They all have ways of glossing over […]


Senior Managers Regime will put an end to reckless advisers

The Spring Budget arrived with more of a whimper than a bang. Beyond the National Insurance hike (which was swiftly U-turned on just one week later) there were few significant developments. It seems the Treasury is keeping things on a steady footing until we are closer to Brexit. The world of regulation, however, has got […]

Providers need to pay out to boost interest in protection

The claim is our core product in protection; not the policy. In a digitally enabled world, where all power is flowing rightly to the consumer, we should be making the sharp end of what we do – the end that matters most – utterly brilliant. We have recently seen US disrupter business Lemonade lead very […]


Profile: Unbiased award winner on how to make money from ethical investing

Some might be wedded to the view that you cannot make money through ethical or socially responsible investing; that to profit you have to at least be prepared to compromise your principles. Not surprisingly, Castlefield partner, financial advice, John Ditchfield – winner of the Responsible Investment Adviser category at this year’s Unbiased Media Awards – […]