22 March 2018

Tony Wickenden: What advisers need to know about EIS changes

Government plans for new incentives could lure more investors to so-called ‘knowledge-intensive companies’ Along with the “stick”, in the shape of provisions limiting relief for investment into venture capital trusts and enterprise investment schemes, there is the “carrot” of increased investment limits for knowledge-intensive companies. While knowledge-intensive companies have become a talking point of late, […]

File images of financial data around the earth

Behind the numbers: Are there more corrections to come?

US equity valuations look worryingly high but global growth trends are encouraging Standard Life Aberdeen co-chief executive Martin Gilbert recently argued February’s sell-off was a “welcome and overdue” correction after the record-breaking rally that ushered in the new year. However, Morgan Stanley’s models suggest the equity market could struggle after the first quarter. Should investors […]


Claire Trott: How Scottish tax reform impacts pensions

New income tax rates are causing discrepancies between pension schemes Changes to taxation in Scotland is having an impact on many cross-border issues, and pensions have not escaped unscathed. Not only are administrators having to record and report their Scottish members but we now have greater disparity on the tax relief front. Pensions and property […]

Geraint Davies

Profile: Montfort International boss on why one-man bands should be banned from DB transfer advice

Montfort International founder on cross-border planning and banning one-man bands from DB transfer advice Few advisers would lay claim to being a pub finder for a Hollywood legend. But in Montfort International founder Geraint Davies’ case, the truth is stranger than fiction. Davies’ family were in the hotel business and, as a youngster, he was […]

Rachel Vahey

Rachel Vahey: Pension tax relief tweaks start to bite

Evidence points to the recent changes stalling individuals’ desire to contribute to pensions The cost of pensions tax relief is one discussion that never quite goes away. Instead, there seems to be constant speculation both on the current costs, whether it is sustainable and, more importantly, whether the Government – this one or a future […]

Phil Bray: Top tips for the perfect first client meeting

Advisers who go the extra mile to impress will be rewarded many times over Marketing types are fond of talking about the “client journey”. That usually means the journey an individual takes from being a suspect, to prospect, to client. Here, however, I want to talk about an entirely different client journey: to and within your […]

How to get more women saving for retirement

Will the upcoming increase to minimum auto-enrolment contributions help women’s financial independence at retirement? The problem of women saving less for their retirement than men is something the financial services industry is acutely aware of. But, as the multitude of reports it produces on the subject each year indicate, there is no simple solution. In […]


Paul Lewis: Time to shake up IHT rules for non-married couples

Non-married couples deserve to be treated more fairly when it comes to their tax rights An emergency vicar was recently called to comedian Ken Dodd’s bedside for the marriage of the 90-year-old to Anne Jones, his partner of 40 years. It is not often the church is involved in tax planning – at least not on […]