21 July 2016

Tom Kean: Prepare yourselves for the final salary time bomb

Like most overly-opinionated people, there are times when my indignation is at risk of getting the better of me, so I must really try harder and not jump to such hasty conclusions. There is also a danger of being slightly negative about things when we should be striving to be positive at times like this. […]

Fidelity’s Wright: Snatching profits from political uncertainty

The long-term economic impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU is highly uncertain and well outside the predictive powers of politicians and so-called experts. However, shorter term, it is clear that confidence is taking a body blow. Over the next weeks and months we can probably expect both internal and external investment in […]

Tapping the Brexit marketing opportunity

Analysis of the outcome of the referendum has been extensive and there are many issues still to be resolved. Indeed, the Donald Rumsfeld “unknown unknowns” applies perfectly to the current circumstances. But all of this provides the perfect backdrop for client retention and acquisition, as well as stealing back some of the momentum from the […]


Advice sector must do more to reach out to young people

I recently delivered the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Discover Fortunes event to a group of 16 and 17-year-olds. Personal Finance Society members kindly gave up their time to support the event and talk to students about how they got into the sector and why they have stayed in it. At the end, 20 of the 25 […]


What is top of the pile for the regulatory bonfire?

In the FCA’s Business Plan and risk outlook for 2016/17, there is a small paragraph – somewhat lost among the information and proposals on pensions and the Financial Advice Market Review – about “sustainable regulation”. In it, the FCA commits to reviewing whether any of its rules are outdated and, if so, to removing or […]


A new vision for the Financial Adviser School

There is seemingly no end to the possibilities that lie ahead for the Financial Adviser School under the ownership of Old Mutual Wealth. Almost six months ago the firm bought the school, which is run on a not-for-profit basis, from Sesame Bankhall. With the recent appointment of Darren Smith to head the school, the aim […]


Tom Baigrie: A radical idea to guarantee protection payouts

Having written my last column from an Iron Maiden gig, this one comes from Lord’s, happily only a few hundred yards from where the Protection Review Conference has just finished. It is a tough life. Before dashing across to watch a brave Misbah-ul-Haq defying a rampant England pace attack, I listened to lots of opinions […]


Ian McKenna: Time to ditch the term robo-advice

The recent report from SCM Direct “Fintech Folly – The Sense and Sensibility of UK Robo Advice” makes interesting reading for many reasons. It puts forward valid arguments for closer regulatory scrutiny of the commercial models of start-up businesses, as well as the need for greater clarity around what is broadly called robo-advice. This is […]

Robert Reid: Where do we get the facts from on Brexit?

Getting focused messages across to clients is more important now than ever, considering such an indistinct future post-EU referendum. As the Government moves to try to exit the EU (I say “try” as I do not believe we will find it easy) it reminds me of a family party where people go to leave then […]