20 October 2016

Soldier on and cash out – but what about recruitment?

As the baby boomers edge ever closer to retirement there is near universal agreement of the need to bring some young blood into our profession. That said, the recruitment of bright young things has proved a challenge. Why? It is hard for me to believe I have spent 30 years in financial services, although easier […]


Apfa: Advisers need to prepare for Priips

Advisers need to be aware of and prepare for the impending confusion coming from the European Union. No, not Brexit but Priips: the regulation due to come into force on 31 December. It mandates a new disclosure document that product providers must create and advisers must give to clients. As a regulation, it has direct […]

Gregg McClymont: The retirement savings crisis point

Not a day goes by without a call from somewhere in the pensions industry for the Government to increase savings rates. This is understandable from a business point of view (more money to manage) and as responsible public policy. On current trends the UK is heading towards a retirement financing crisis in the next 20 […]

Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch: The value of cashflow planning

Advisers are not using long-term cashflow planning with enough of their clients at retirement or on a regular basis once clients have retired, acccording to Platforum research conducted over the summer. The findings are rather discouraging. Long-term cash flow planning should be at the heart of retirement and in-retirement advice. It also makes a lot […]


Tony Wickenden: Expect May to move money from rich to poor

  The recent Conservative Party Conference caused me to conclude (without amazing insight on my part, I must add) that the new Government is quite different from our last one. Fundamentally different. The world it is operating in is different. Thanks to the outcome of the EU referendum it is an even more uncertain one […]


Robert Reid: It doesn’t hurt to ignore the mass market

Many years ago a friend came to watch me rehearse with the band I was in at the time. Afterwards, he said he was bored as we had played Neil Young’s Southern Man over 20 times. I explained that was what practice was all about: finding your weaknesses, acknowledging them and correcting them. At the […]


Mark Mobius: The booming prospects for emerging markets

While prospects at the start of the year seemed rather dour for emerging markets, resilience has been the story for the sector ever since. Global stockmarkets continued to rise during Q3 amid generally positive macro data and accommodative monetary policy across many regions. Broadly, both emerging and developed equity markets advanced, with the former generally […]

Profile: ‘Mr Sipp’ John Moret talks regulation and rebirth

In one of life’s strange coincidences John Moret is reminiscing about his first job in financial services at 107 Cheapside, the same building in which he started his career some 46 years ago. The principal of consultancy firm MoretoSIPPs and chairman of The Pensions Network – known to some in the industry as “Mr Sipp” […]

Hall-Dennis-Yellowtail-2013 700 x 450.jpg

Dennis Hall: Don’t be scared to share best practice

Do you remember when you would do tests at school there was always that kid who would circle an arm around their answer paper to prevent anyone from copying? Perhaps it was you? I have not seen that sort of behaviour for more than 40 years but something happened recently to cause the image to […]