20 July 2017


Pete Matthew: Being an adviser is no mean feat

This is a rewrite of this column. I had finished a piece about my capacity issues at Jacksons and the lack of talent available to fill the needs of the business, particularly down here in Cornwall. But it felt a bit whiny, so I have started again. Instead, in thinking about the staffing needs of […]

Lisa Winnard: Why working closely with your team is key

We live in a world of unrelenting change, with economic and political agenda, global mobility or social and technological trends all driving adaptations to the way we work. Gone are the days of business as usual. During a recent leadership challenge session, I asked our leaders and future leaders what one thing they would change. […]

Professional commitment: Proving the point on trust

The Chartered Insurance Institute is encouraging providers of life, pensions and long-term savings products to sign up to its professionalism commitment, which aims to boost professional standards across the sector. The idea is by signing up, providers pledge to operate policies that encourage high quality standards of customer service, embed the principles of treating customers […]

Phil Bray: Perfecting your web presence for the Age of Google

I remember giving a presentation to a group of advisers a couple of years ago. The subject was one I can happily speak about at length: how advisers can create effective websites. My audience were an extremely positive and engaged bunch. All except for one chap at the back. While others listened carefully, he sat there, […]


Adrian Boulding: We need a property portal for pensions

I stopped to look in a local estate agent’s window recently and was surprised to see they persist in covering up the prices of sold properties. That was common practice when I bought my first house 30 years ago but it was all about protecting the mystique that estate agents were the only ones that “knew […]