2 March 2017


How advisers can play the oil price recovery

Cyclical stocks are closely tied to the ups and downs of a broad or global economy and thus tend to perform well or poorly based on where we are in a business cycle. US energy stocks are a good example of cyclical exposure. While investors should insist on owning companies with high quality fundamentals, strong […]


Pete Matthew: Creating a personal advice brand online

Winning a new client is a real achievement, especially in these cynical times. We forget what a massive step it is for prospects to set foot in our offices. They come with all kinds of fears, such as that they are going to be ripped off or made to feel financially inept. Winning a client […]

‘Give young advisers a chance to bridge the protection gap’

There is nothing more frustrating for protection specialist Paul Litster than coming across clients who are thinkers rather than doers. The managing director of advice firm Specialists4Protection, which launched last year, admits to being “blunt” with clients who take on board the importance of protection and their need for it but then procrastinate. He says: […]

Platforum: Why FundCalibre adviser push adds up

A joint venture between Albemarle Street Partners and direct platform Chelsea Financial Services, FundCalibre was launched in August 2014 At the time, direct-to-consumer platforms did not offer many tools to help investors select funds, and FundCalibre’s research portal aimed to address this. However, as our recent report, The Influence of Research Agencies, revealed, third-party ratings are […]


Malcolm Kerr: When to change financial planning tactics   

I am hugely impressed with the sophistication of retirement planning processes and the tools and technology employed by advisers to create the optimum portfolio. And I remain convinced that, for the foreseeable future, the experienced, insightful advisers who have genuine empathy with clients will become significantly more important and valuable. But, of course, plans are only […]

Sector focus: Why European banks are exciting investors again

European markets have recently seen a rotation into value areas, away from growth or high quality stocks. This is evident just by looking at the MSCI Europe Growth index versus the MSCI Europe Value index, with the former having risen only 13.3 per cent in 2016 compared to the latter’s 24.4 per cent. There are […]


Steve Bee: Pensions are pay and should not be unwound

Why is it that private companies feel they cannot afford defined benefit pension schemes for their employees but the Government has no trouble at all providing them for public servants? Our Government is (directly or indirectly) the largest employer in the UK, with millions of public sector workers covered by generous DB pension promises. But […]


Should advisers publish more info on fees online?

The transparency of adviser fees is in the spotlight once again as new research suggests only a third of advice firms publish their charges on their websites. Working with adviser marketing consultancy The Yardstick Agency, and based on a sample of around 200 advisers, Money Marketing’s survey found roughly 35 per cent declared their fees […]