2 August 2018

Mel Kenny: A new dawn for the long-term care market

It was with little surprise we saw another Green Paper looking at reform of care and support for older people, due in summer, merely kicked down the road into the autumn. Then the incumbent health and social care secretary was replaced shortly afterwards. With all votes beginning to count as the disengaged becoming louder in […]


Ascot Lloyd: ‘Using a CIP leads to consistent advice’

Ascot Lloyd investment director Steven Lloyd explains how a centralised investment proposition and bespoke discretionary fund management caters for individual client needs. Can you explain your investment approach? We use a combination of in-house and outsourced solutions, depending on the individual client. We have a centralised investment proposition that provides a range of choices for […]


Lee Robertson: How advisers can capitalise on content marketing

I have always had a keen interest in the content marketing side of my business. The last few years have seen content marketing become more important across the sector, with everyone from fund groups, product providers, platforms and advisers looking to excel in it. For those less up to speed, content marketing is a strategy that […]

Advice advisers eraser

Why I went restricted: Three advisers share their stories

Some advisers are welded to independence but for others restricted status makes more sense. Three restricted advice firms share their experiences  The one-man band  Lowland Financial managing director Graeme Mitchell became restricted after he was advised that a one-man band would not be able to demonstrate true independence after the Retail Distribution Review. “I took compliance advise and spoke to the FCA asking how feasible is it for a one-man band to demonstrate […]

Investment Insight: Big trouble brewing in China

Markets are underestimating the potential for turmoil in the world’s second largest economy It has been a tough few months for China’s economy. Years of credit-intensive growth have left the government with a huge debt pile – much of it off the books from shadow banking. The deleveraging process is currently in full swing as […]

Danby Bloch: The case for income investing

It has been said advisers place too little emphasis on income from client’s investments “A gentlemen could jog along comfortably on £40,000 a year!” was the judgement of a man who knew what he was talking about when someone’s worth was measured by income rather than capital value. This emphasis on income was common throughout the […]

Rachel Vahey

Rachel Vahey: New rules for inherited Isas

Changes mean the valuable tax advantages Isas are famed for can continue after death When an Isa account holder dies, it is possible for their spouse or civil partner to inherit an additional Isa subscription. This allows them to effectively inherit their partner’s Isa, as long as they were living together at the time of […]

The Big Interview: Discus’s Gillian Hepburn on platforms’ responsibility to help orphan clients

Embark Group’s head of strategic partnerships and Discus co-founder Gillian Hepburn on why the FCA is right to challenge the market on orphan clients This week’s interviewee is Gillian Hepburn, head of strategic partnerships at Embark and co-founder of DFM consultancy Discus. As we meet, the interim findings of the FCA’s platform market study have […]


Phil Wickenden: HMRC seeks more power

HM Revenue & Customs is concerned its power is no longer fit for purpose given the extent to which financial information is now held electronically. HMRC already uses information gathered from banks, peer-to-peer lenders and other financial institutions, then checks it against individuals’ tax returns. Its Connect system draws on information from myriad government and […]