19 November 2015


Navigating the social media minefield

There is no doubt that more employers than ever are taking the time to look up potential recruits on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This is not only to find out if their CV matches what they are saying elsewhere but also to find out about the person behind the CV. This is all good news […]

Wells Street Journal: Pensions minister’s mystery admirer

Valentine’s Day is months away but pensions minister Ros Altmann already has a secret admirer, WSJ can reveal. A search on Twitter will quickly reveal the consumer champion turned state pension scapegoat has some outspoken critics. But is is not all doom and gloom for the embattled Tottenham baroness. During Money Marketing’s exclusive interview at […]


Chris Davies: Servicing the squeezed savers

Earlier this month we presented research on what we term the “squeezed savers” at our Autumn Institute of Directors Symposium. We see this demographic as those classified high net worth by the FCA but who also have child and potential parental care to worry about. With so much focus on those on the runway to […]


FSCS eyes risk-based model in radical adviser levy overhaul

The model for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme levy could be radically redrawn as part of its 2016 funding review, chief executive Mark Neale says. Currently advice firms are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis which fluctuates depending on the level of compensation paid out to consumers. But speaking at the Money Marketing Brave New World […]


Tony Wickenden: How beneficiaries’ flexi-access drawdown works in practice

Last week I looked at the rules for nominating beneficiaries’ flexi-access drawdown benefits under the pension freedoms regime. That nominees’ and successors’ drawdown is possible is good; that the rules are as they are in relation to who can receive these benefits is not so good. The following example will hopefully explain how beneficiaries’ flexi-access drawdown […]

Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch: Protecting your clients from cyber crime

It is hard to write about cyber security without sounding overly scary, but that is because it is a scary subject. Platforms and other providers have reported more cyber attacks in the past year than ever before, and financial advisers are also an obvious target. One of the most common attacks is the fraudulent email. […]

MM is 30: Editors past and present reflect on 30 years at the financial services coalface

Advisers and the wider financial services industry are well used to dealing with the fast pace of regulatory and political change. For the last 30 years, Money Marketing has helped advisers navigate the myriad reforms to come their way, and provided them with the insight they need to help run their business. To mark Money […]


Roger Anderson: MM launch was an instant hit

Timing is everything. When I approached Centaur Media in the mid-Eighties with the idea of a weekly newspaper aimed at the “packaged investment industry”, the scene was set for revolution. Professor Gower had just produced his controversial review of financial services regulation, the first Financial Services Act was being drawn up, life companies and building […]

Stephen McDowell: High quality journalism and a lot of fun

My premium recollection of my two years in the chair at Money Marketing was how much fun we had. There was some very high quality journalism too – as the sagging awards shelf began to rapidly show – but primarily we had fun. At that time we had a New Labour government settling in after 18 […]

Paul McMillan: Taking on the banks and winning

Taking over as editor of Money Marketing towards the end of the financial crisis had its ups and down. It is fair to say with revenues careering off a steep cliff we were not blessed with the biggest staffing budget and job security was not at its highest. But then no one got into journalism […]

John Lappin: Limiting the worst effects of the RDR

When I first joined Money Marketing I found an abacus under the desk. Disappointingly, it was not being used to calculate share price falls or pension projections. However, abacus or not, numbers proved vital. These included the calculations of consultant Ned Cazalet who told the pension market it was losing money hand over fist when […]