16 February 2017

Under the bonnet of fund research agencies: FE

We continue our series profiling the main UK fund research agencies with a look at FE; the most popular among advisers. According to our research, 61 per cent of advisers use research agencies to inform their fund selection process, of which a huge 80 per cent use FE through one of its two adviser propositions: […]

Tom Hegarty: Advisers need to talk to each other about best practice

The financial services landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 to 20 years – mostly for the better. However, adopting best practice has become increasingly challenging. The UK financial advice industry used to encompass banks, insurance companies, tied-sales operations and small to medium independent firms, so the number of individuals providing advice was considerably […]


Why the hunt for new advisers should include school leavers

Talent can take many forms, which is why national IFA Ascot Lloyd is opening the door of its new adviser academy more widely than some training schemes. Echoing the words of ex-Manchester United boss Sir Matt Busby – “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough” –  the firm is targeting school leavers in addition to […]

Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch: Tax avoidance trends advisers need to know about

The main professional accountancy and tax bodies have released a new policy document, Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation, that will apply to their members from 1 March. At the very least, advisers should understand the new rules of engagement accountants and other tax professionals are working with. Perhaps they should even consider adopting something […]


Garry Heath: Let’s put a stop to all the FCA consultations

For the last 18 months, we have been concentrating on what is wrong with the current regulatory system. Now, we are asking the following question; what happens next if the FCA fails? Next year will be the 30th anniversary of financial services regulation. In that time, the sector’s representatives have been bombarded by a myriad […]


Tony Wickenden: Create your own Govt-approved tax haven

My last couple of articles have been looking at the possibility of the UK becoming a tax haven if we cannot obtain an “acceptable” Brexit deal from the European Union. I have also observed how, with the benefit of advice, someone living in the UK can already experience financial life in a virtual tax haven. […]


Meeting the financial adviser apprentice challenge

If you are an employer in England with a payroll of over £3m per annum, a 0.5 per cent increase in employment costs from 1 April might bring tears to your eyes. It is not all bad, however, as you can use this levy to fund apprenticeships for your own employees, provided you do it […]


Profile: AIC boss Ian Sayers on the lessons from commercial property saga

Last year’s commercial property funds suspension saga revealed the shortcomings of open-ended funds compared with closed-ended structures when dealing with illiquid asset classes. Whether the fallout itself or the Brexit vote was mainly responsible, the UK property sector proved popular in the second half of last year, making up 10 per cent of all investment […]

Lee Robertson

Lee Robertson: Robo success is not all it seems

As has been the case for as long as I can remember, the charges debate rumbles on. Fund groups talk about adviser charges, advisers talk about platform charges, robo-providers talk about everyone’s charges and Paul Lewis continues his rhetoric on wealth destruction (which seems to centre on him being completely at a loss as to […]


Ian McKenna: Three firms changing the future of advice

For over a decade, the go-to show to understand the latest thinking in financial technology has been Finovate. Last week saw another capacity crowd at its Europe event in London. UK-based wealth management and advice was strongly represented and it is worth noting the key players I look at below are now interested in supporting […]