14 January 2016

Simon Collins: Advisers can’t ignore FCA on incentives

The fallout from the financial crisis made it clear there were significant issues with culture and business practices across the industry. Much work has been done since then to improve standards and rebuild trust in financial services but there is still more to do. The increased interest in institutions’ pay and remuneration packages confirms this. […]


Using pensions to take tax-efficient business profits

Alan, aged 56, owns a limited company. Each year he reviews his remuneration strategy at the end of his reporting period on 31 December. The approach he has taken to date is a low salary topped up by dividends. The business has generated £100,000 of profit in 2015 and Alan uses the remuneration he takes […]


Alistair Cunningham: Silence the internet noise

The internet is a powerful tool but it is also becoming harder to filter. The ability to publish a huge volume of content means prolific bloggers might, on occasion, hit the nail on the head just by throwing enough mud. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Financial conspiracy blog Zerohedge, for example, […]


ABI: We cannot miss this opportunity to close the protection gap

The Government’s Financial Advice Market Review is looking at all aspects of financial advice to identify gaps before setting out recommendations by Budget 2016. While the review focuses on investments, savings and retirement products, other areas should also be considered as part of its scope: in particular, protection, given the low levels of cover for […]

Tony Wickenden: Finance Bill 2016 draft clauses explained

On 9 December, just in time for Christmas, the Government published a number of draft clauses that will make up the majority of measures for inclusion in the 2016 Finance Bill. This information comes at least three months prior to the introduction of the Bill itself, which provides taxpayers with certainty about future changes and […]

Emma Thomson: The protection fight against consumer apathy

A happy new year to you. But will it be a happy year for the protection market? Let’s hope so. There are certainly plenty of opportunities for us all to grab. The good news is consumers very much need what we sell. However, the problem is far too many do not know they need it. Consumer awareness about the risks and […]

Chris Gilchrist: Why the authorised fund regime must be extended

I spend a lot of time criticising regulators. So here, for a change, is a proposal for reform of UK financial services regulation: extend the authorised fund regime to accommodate most retail investment products. The UK has an authorised funds regime that is essentially unchanged since 1931 mainly because it works. It is based on the […]

Evan Bauman: M&A to thrive in US despite volatile outlook for markets

As we start 2016, we view US equities as neither cheap nor expensive. The S&P 500 is currently trading at around 18 times forward earnings. Market leadership has been narrow, with only a handful of mega-cap tech and internet names contributing most of the gains and masking underlying weakness in the overall market. We expect […]


Smarter Business Innovators: Informed Choice’s Martin Bamford

  What sets your business apart from its peers? We are different from a lot of our peers by virtue of being family owned and managed, but it is our self-awareness that really allows us to stand out from the crowd. We know exactly what we do, who we enjoy working with and where we […]