14 April 2016


Advisers neglect existing clients at their peril

Loyalty is something to be treasured and rewarded, and I think the protection industry could hugely profit by demonstrating lots of it. There is no hiding from the fact that a significant number of consumers have no protection in place, so new business is vital. But looking after existing clients well is the right thing […]

How the protection industry can overcome the apathy barrier

Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. But getting consumers to understand the potential consequences of not having protection is an uphill struggle. Research from the protection industry is bursting with evidence of lack of awareness, apathy and misconceptions that act as barriers to buying products. But given we are in the age of digital […]


Billy Mackay: Why is the industry still handcuffed to legacy products?

With age comes a tendency to reminisce and 1997/1998 sticks in my mind for a number of reasons. Daughter number two came on the scene, so sleep was in short supply. I also broke my leg playing football (an eejit from Ayrshire did it and ran away). It was a bad one and meant I […]

Tony Wickenden: How firms will be hit by Budget tax changes

The Budget introduced unexpected reductions to the rates of capital gains tax, bringing down the 28 per cent rate for higher and additional rate taxpayers to 20 per cent and the 18 per cent rate for basic rate taxpayers to 10 per cent. These reductions took effect from 6 April. The CGT annual exemption for 2016/17 […]


Pete Matthew: The importance of selling up without selling out

I read with great interest Carl Lamb’s recent piece about the sale of his firm Almary Green to Standard Life’s advice arm 1825. In it, he eloquently explains the rationale for the decision to sell and argues the old distinction between restricted and independent advisers is changing. He even goes so far as to say he […]

Hugh Young: Japan is dancing to its own tune

Japan looks set to go to the polls this year. Votes could be cast as early as June in elections to fill around half the seats in parliament’s upper house. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may also call a separate snap general election if he thinks this would enhance his chances of securing four more years […]


Nick Bamford: Overcoming the price problem

Once again the debate around price versus value has reared its ugly head. A tweet last month from an experienced financial commentator asked: “Friend with inheritance has decided against financial advice because it was ‘too expensive’. Quote seemed reasonable. How do we overcome the price problem?” Restrictions Twitter imposes prevented this person from describing the […]


Peter Hamilton: Counting the cost of the FCA’s failure on unsuitable products

In February, the National Audit Office published a report on how effective the FCA is in dealing with, and preventing, misselling. The conclusions were damning. The summary of the report notes misselling of financial products can cause serious harm, not just to individuals but also to the financial stability of the UK. The summary of […]


Ian McKenna: Why a non-advised service could trump online advice

Two weeks ago I wrote about a new advised online investment proposition that falls far short of what I understand the required standard to be. This week I am looking at the complete reverse: a non-advice service that is well structured, user-friendly and goes above and beyond what one would expect. It is called Wealthify […]


Neil Liversidge: How RDR has killed off timewasters

Can you differentiate your best clients from your worst? I will give you a clue: the best ones pay. It sounds obvious but last year I chaired a seminar for Money Marketing and afterwards a number of business owners called me to discuss the problems they were still having in terms of getting paid realistic fees […]


GBST chief on powering the UK’s platforms

You only have to look at Old Mutual Wealth’s latest results to see how crucial keeping up with technology has become to financial services. The giant provider has had to write off another £250m and a further two years as a result of delays in upgrading the technology powering its platform. When the project is […]


Fund managers face ‘monumental task’ monitoring distribution

Fund managers face a “monumental task” monitoring distribution channels after the FCA raised concerns advised-only products are being sold through non-advised platforms. The regulator revealed last week its thematic review of asset managers had uncovered examples of poor governance and warned firms need to better monitor distribution of funds. In particular, it found two funds […]