13 October 2016

Tapping the marketing power in your pocket

Adviser produced content could be the key to future growth of the UK protection market; perhaps even the whole financial services industry. I recently spoke at the Protect Association annual conference on how client engagement – not product tinkering – was top of my agenda for overcoming the stagnation of protection sales. It is all […]


Mark Dampier: A three step plan for investing in smaller companies

It is always good to see new blood coming up through the ranks, especially from an investment house that prides itself in having some of the best names in the industry. Manager of the Jupiter Smaller Companies fund James Zimmerman is a relatively new name to fund management, beginning his career five years ago as […]

Chris Davies: The industry is braced for a hard Brexit

The phrase “Beware gurus bearing gifts” is particularly relevant as we head into Brexit. A focus on what the industry itself can influence rather than a reliance on third-party sources will be helpful. Following the Conservative party conference, we now have the latest on when Article 50 will be triggered and what type of Brexit […]


AJ Bell: Time to fix holes in pension freedoms

This autumn, for the first time in over six years, we look forward to dissecting the fresh ideas of a new Chancellor. From a financial services perspective, many would argue George Osborne’s most important policy was the introduction of pension freedoms. It would be a surprise if Philip Hammond has any plans to roll back […]


Investors can still cash in on a rocky US election

Trying to guess the outcome of a national vote is becoming a fool’s errand. Even many of the people who voted for Brexit did not think it would happen. Now we have all learned to be wary it seems no one is willing to take a punt on the US election. In the lead up […]


Signia Wealth’s managing director on why he left, and then came back

Signia Wealth managing director Carnegie Smyth is fascinated by entrepreneurs. In fact, it is like a thread running through his professional life. For example, it is one of the reasons he has built a career in wealth management, having started out advising entrepreneurs at Deloitte’s private client tax management team, which he joined from university. […]


Chris Gilchrist: Give financial planners the respect they are due

Human beings measure whatever can be measured. Then they turn the numbers into a battleground of different views. Arguments about costs of financial products and levels of adviser fees follow this pattern. Like many advisers, I am confident that most of our clients gain benefits, in the form of tax relief gained and tax not […]