12 October 2017

Investing in brands pays off when attracting advisers

Tupperware is my nightmare. Ok, that and my trolley suitcase, as I am often reminded by a friend who once enjoyed a violent (pathetic) outburst as I wrestled unsuccessfully with its narrow wheel base. But my luggage comes second to the horrors that lurk behind one particular swivel cupboard in my kitchen. A dystopian mountain […]

The key to protection: Be simpler, more human and braver

Be simpler. Be more human. And be braver. These are the concepts the UK protection market needs to adopt to be successful in future, according to speakers at this summer’s Protection Review Conference. Simpler is obvious. Campaigner for plainer English in financial services, Rhys Williams of Quiet Room, suggested we need less complicated products, easier […]

Kim North grey

Kim North: DB transfers don’t deserve the doghouse

I have worked in retail financial services for the last 30 years, from the coal face as an IFA to the back office as head of compliance or technical services. Throughout this time, I have always believed the UK should follow the American Securities and Exchange Commission model of regulating products alongside the advice provided. […]


Lucy Brown: Children’s cover is a shining light for protection

Protection has always had a good degree of focus on providing peace of mind for families but more insurers are looking at ways of appealing from a practical point of view. Could this be the way forward in getting more people to engage? Early focus on children’s cover under critical illness related to child-specific conditions. […]


Compliance tip: Mifid II transaction reporting and legal entity identifiers

Transaction reporting Transaction reporting is the reporting of information about trades in reportable financial instruments, such as shares, ETFs, VCTs, investment trusts and structured products. Reporting covers purchases, sales and modifications of reportable instruments. Mifid II proposes important changes to these obligations which will potentially affect all investment firms. Some exemptions will apply. For instance, […]