12 January 2017


Robert Reid: Can you justify your fees?

The FCA’s asset management market study published in November will, in time, be considered a seminal moment in changing the shape of remuneration for all concerned in this sector. Those who have commented on the paper to date have focused mainly on the impact on fund management companies, giving insufficient attention to issues regarding advisers. […]

Martin Tilley: Why 2017 could be the year of the SSAS

As advisers and providers focus on their growth strategies for the year ahead, thoughts turn to what was successful over the last 12 months. One area of growth was new SSASs. But we may be seeing changes on the horizon. 2016 is likely to be remembered as the year the regulator got tough on scammers. […]


Mike Aldridge: Shape the robo-advice future or be ruled by it

In his 1992 book, political scientist Francis Fukuyama notoriously argued we were witnessing the end of history – or at least as we knew it – with the fall of the Berlin Wall more than just symbolically ushering in a new chapter in our development. Fukuyama argued this signalled the end of mankind’s ideological evolution, […]


Tony Wickenden: The best advice for part surrenders

The summary of responses to the consultation on part surrenders and part assignments of life assurance policies, and the supporting 2017 Finance Bill draft clauses, appear to have brought to a close the uncertainty over the future of the rules dealing with these events. The Joost Lobler case brought to the attention of HM Revenue […]


Nick Bamford: The brains behind ‘the plan’

Speaking on the adviser panel at the London Personal Finance Society Symposium in November, I was asked a question by Steve Gazzard. “What is it that clients value from their financial planner?” he said. I replied: “They like the 20 per cent guaranteed returns from the Ucis products we sell to them.” In my head […]

Profile: Novia’s Bill Vasilieff talks turning a profit and the future of platforms

The secret behind Novia’s success lies in its technology and large discretionary fund management range, according to chief executive Bill Vasilieff. But the path to this point has been far from smooth. In 2001, Vasilieff worked on establishing the Selestia platform. Six years later, after it was acquired by Old Mutual to be merged with Skandia’s […]

Tom Kean: A simple call to end regulatory complexity

If I am being perfectly honest, I find a lot of what we do a bit tiresome and unnecessarily complicated. In fact, I sometimes find myself embarrassed by how complex things sound when I am explaining them. As Einstein once said: If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough. I […]


Neil Liversidge: Should the FSCS continue to exist?

I am sorry but I really cannot get animated about who funds the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The question has moved too far from first principles, being about who gets treated most or least unfairly, rather than one challenging its fundamental unjustness. Many years ago in my other lobbying life working on behalf of motorcyclists, a […]