11 May 2017

Lee Robertson

Lee Robertson: Advice charges aren’t a black and white issue

I read Money Marketing news editor Justin Cash’s recent blog “Advisers should justify charges uniformity” with real interest. He is absolutely correct in that the regulator is keen to understand the pricing dynamics of both advisers and fund managers and whether there is real competition among them. I have written in this column before about my thoughts […]

Advisers need fresh thinking on critical illness cover

Critical illness cover should be a pick and mix While I appreciate companies are not particularly turned on by higher risk clients, there are millions of people deemed uninsurable in the personal critical illness market. Coupled with the ongoing debate of whether CI is still fit for purpose I thought I would put forward an […]

Profile: Ian Wilkinson on the perils of pension transfer advice

Rutherford Wilkinson’s boss on why he decided to stop doing DB transfers, and why he feels he’s been vindicated A year after chartered financial planner Rutherford Wilkinson stopped advising on defined benefit transfers, managing director Ian Wilkinson is convinced it was the right thing to do. He says: “We took the decision to withdraw from this […]


Mark Mobius: Reasons for optimism in Latin America

The demise of populism is an important development within many countries in Latin America. In the case of emerging markets more broadly, the rise of the internet and smart phones has aided this trend. Greater numbers of people now have knowledge of what is happening at the highest levels of their governments, and have been […]

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The trick to clear objectives in suitability reports

Take a look at the “your objectives” section of the last five suitability reports you prepared. Can you identify each client or do you struggle to tell them apart? If the former, then well done. If the latter, then you are not alone. Paraplanners and advisers can struggle in this area and fall short of FCA […]


Claire Trott: Is advising against DB transfers really safest?

The view that its safer to advise clients to remain in a DB scheme may no longer hold true I have been talking at seminars recently about the benefits and pitfalls of a defined benefit transfer: things to watch out for and what needs to be included in the report. The common stance is still […]

Conflicts of interest have further to run

The RDR has not put an end to deals between advisers, DFMs and platforms You may think the FCA has done a lot to tackle conflicts of interest in advice over the years. Obviously the biggie when it comes to addressing advice bias was the RDR, and as part of that we have had many […]


Hide and seek: Investigating conflicts of interest in advice

Advisers are being challenged on whether they are being open enough on disclosing conflicts of interest which may be skewing their recommendations. Last month, Money Marketing revealed how distribution deals between advice firms, platforms and discretionary fund managers are blurring what are supposed to be clear lines between the cost of advice, platforms and investment […]

What we can learn from the US about protection

Portland, Maine, is the hub of the US disability insurance industry and a number of us are here to learn about this interesting market. After just one day, it is already clear our colleagues across the pond have very similar challenges when it comes to consumer apathy and poor knowledge of protection solutions. For a […]