10 May 2018

Ian Browne: Making the most of the marriage allowance in retirement plans

Advisers can help clients make some substantial tax savings The beginning of April heralded a new tax year and this brings updated tax allowances. Some of these new allowances can offer little gems to create value for clients and launch wider conversations about retirement planning in general. One such allowance is the marriage tax allowance, […]


Nick Kelly: Dealing with culture clashes

There is so much diversity around us in business today. Each colleague has their own individual needs, skills, qualifications and expectations. Some people we will click with, but others can be more challenging. We cannot understand why they struggle with certain problems, or perhaps we think they are rushing things or being overly demanding. As […]

Delving into default pension funds

Default pension funds vary greatly in terms of investment approach, manager structure, performance and charging Around nine out of 10 people rely on their pension provider’s default fund to save for their retirement, making it important to keep track of what is on offer. We recently carried out an update to our study comparing the […]

Phil Wickenden: The heroes of a brand’s success are its customers

Thanks to the vast quantities of information now available, customers have the ability to make smart choices with speed and agility anytime and anywhere they want. Not only are they in charge and in full control, but they are also moving faster than most brands. Importantly, they do not differentiate between channels and touchpoints. But […]

Profile: Magenta Financial Planning boss on encouraging more women to become advisers

Magenta Financial Planning managing director on the difficulties of diversity and promoting the profession There are a couple of misconceptions about Magenta Financial Planning. One is that it must be specifically targeting female clients because it has a pink logo; the other that because all its current staff are women, it must be a female-only firm. Not […]

Danby Bloch: Batten down the hatches for IHT review

Office of Tax Simplification report could trigger the biggest upset in estate planning for years If you think the biggest threat to inheritance tax planning is posed by Jeremy Corbyn and a possible Labour government, think again. The Conservatives are taking a long hard look at IHT and their aim is simplification. The Office of […]


Chris Gilchrist: Specialist advisers will be the winners of the future

One tends to see increasing specialisation in most services. Think of the building industry, for example, where there are specialists in roofs, drains, restoration and so on. In the old pre-RDR days, when advisers were paid by commission, they had little incentive to specialise and most would sell to anyone. Any smattering of specialist knowledge […]


Jason Broomer: How do you solve a problem like Trump?

The president’s posturing, bullying and sharp business practice is leading the US economy to the rocks It is galling to watch President Trump’s vain posturing as he parades around the world. His tax cuts have been a good thing for the stockmarket, although they are now wholly reflected in prices. The improbable device of soaking […]


Lucy Brown: Excellent claims statistics prove protection’s worth

With providers starting to release their claims statistics for last year, it is reassuring to see that they make for good reading. So far, life claims paid are coming out above 98 per cent and critical illness claims around 93 per cent. Aegon and Cirencester have also published income protection claims paid in excess of […]

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Getting the best from rebranding your firm

Rebranding your business is a big decision that should not be taken lightly but it can provide the fresh start some firms need. Here, three advisers share their experiences. Consulting a specialist Telford Mann was originally the financial planning arm of an accountancy firm, but was forced to change its name from Moore Stephens Financial Services […]