Wells Street Journal: Altmann excluded from Twitter list

On a regular basis, the Department for Work and Pensions issues an updated list of official Twitter accounts.

Since the election, nine such lists have been published, including the likes of disability minister Justin Tomlinson and DWP permanent secretary Robert Deveraux.

But there are two other DWP ministers with Twitter accounts, who don’t make the cut.

One is employment minister Priti Patel, whose last missive was transmitted 137 days ago. But the other is the vastly more prolific pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann of Tottenham.

So why, seven months after the election, is the Baroness not included on the list of official Twitter accounts?

Could it be that DWP staffers are not keen to draw attention to Altmann’s tweets?

The minister has been uncommonly engaging on social media, even responding to journalists from inside Number 10 on the day of her appointment.

It was also her chosen medium to respond to the rapidly emerging controversy of her Labour party membership. And when Money Marketing columnist Paul Lewis complained of poor results from an FOI request, it was Twitter she used to publically promise to investigate the matter.

Yes Minister’s Sir Humphrey will be turning in his grave.