1 February 2018


Gregg McClymont: Just what is going on with life expectancy?

An increase in UK death statistics is concerning for longevity models, so relied upon in the pensions industry A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Put me down as a pessimist. And yet, when it comes to the implications of increasing life expectancy, I fear my […]


Mel Kenny: Pro bono and volunteering benefits us all

I recently did some volunteering with the Personal Finance Society in helping facilitate its Discover Fortunes game at a school. For those of you who do not know much about it, it is a two-hour session that encourages sixth form students to think about a career in personal finance and listen to a financial adviser […]


Tim Sargisson: Why won’t consumers get the message?

The benefits of advice are clear, yet the industry still struggles to get consumers through the door As someone who is now accustomed to being variously described as “seasoned”, “experienced” and, in one case, a “veteran” of the industry, it is safe to assume I know something about the world advisers inhabit. Indeed, 30 years […]


Mifid II sticking points

Just a few weeks into implementation, it is clear Mifid II will continue to challenge the industry for some time to come The pursuit of greater transparency for consumers should of course be welcomed. However, the UK financial services sector was always going to encounter some unique challenges in trying to implement the new Mifid […]

How to talk about fund fees with clients

The new European Mifid II regulations encouraging more transparency for investors have put a greater focus on the way advisers explain fund fees to clients. This week, Money Marketing talks to two advisers about their efforts to improve clarity at a time of change for the sector. How do you present fees to clients? Blue […]


Steve Bee: Are advisers ready for the real baby boomers?

Contrary to popular belief, we have not yet seen the real wave of post-War babies reach their 60s – and millions have deferred DB pension wealth Something significant is about to happen that will affect all those involved in the giving of advice in the UK from 2020 onwards. In the five decades following the […]