1 December 2016


Tony Wickenden: Key pension takeaways from the Autumn Statement

Last week saw Chancellor Philip Hammond deliver his first (and last) Autumn Statement. I liked his delivery style – and his asides.  Understandably, there was a strong focus on growth, debt, infrastructure and post-Brexit uncertainty. Hammond, with reference to the Office for Budget Responsibility input, was preparing us for potentially tough times ahead. There was […]

Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch: Hammond’s warning on pension tax relief

The most concerning part of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement was not in his speech, or even in the Green Book setting out the details of the main proposals. It was tucked away in a consultative document about cutting the amount of the pension money purchase annual allowance. The following passage from that document has […]


How to cut down on suitability reports

I sent out a paper copy of a suitability report to a client yesterday. It was 142 pages long in total. Of this, 121 pages were appendices, which included: Illustrations and key features documents for three protection plans Illustrations, terms and conditions, fund factsheets and KIIDs for two Isas, with two multi-asset funds Risk tolerance […]

Preparing bond positions for a post-Trump era

Like many people, my knowledge of US politics is driven somewhat by the excellent TV series The West Wing. While watching Donald Trump’s victory speech, it certainly felt like another Netflix blockbuster coming to a climactic end. Unfortunately, we  need to pinch ourselves as the new series is just beginning. When Trump states he wants […]

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What you need to know about new FCA disclosure documents

  Following consultation and feedback on smarter consumer communications, the FCA has recently announced it is doing away with the templates for the initial disclosure document, the combined IDD and the services and costs disclosure document. These were the key documents in the regulator’s approach to making the disclosure of vital information more effective in […]


Ian McKenna: Lessons from the US on advice, regulation and tech

Last week saw yet another link-up between international regulators, with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority signing a cooperation agreement to foster greater collaboration on financial technology. The FCA has signed similar deals with MAS and the Australian Securities & Investment Commission, which in turn has probably been the […]

Trump marks a turning point for fixed income

What an auspicious time to be writing about fixed income. The UK 10-year gilt yield almost touched an incredible 0.5 per cent in August after the Bank of England provided its monetary response to the EU referendum result. At the time of writing, the yield stands at 1.45 per cent, removing all the price gains […]

Tom Baigrie: Time to get on the income protection bandwagon

Last time out I urged you to join the income protection bandwagon, but one should acknowledge the wagon is more milk float than juggernaut right now. It will take serious effort to turn our most needed product into a household standard like pet insurance, for example. The right place to start that effort is to […]