Iress launches Xplan system for mortgage advisers


Technology firm Iress has launched Xplan Mortgage as part of a migration away from its Trigold Prospector mortgage sourcing programme.

In June Money Marketing revealed Iress’ plans to move users to Xplan over time.

Xplan allows intermediaries to compare mortgage products, generate key facts illustrations, and model the impact of overpayments, interest rate and term changes on a client’s mortgage.

Users will be able to access information through the programme on mobile and tablets.

Further modules will be launched in 2015 and will be integrated with Iress’ exchange for protection sourcing.

Trigold Prospector users will be able to choose whether to use the Xplan module, remain with Trigold, or both, at no extra cost.

Australian technology provider Iress bought Trigold as part of its acquisition of Avelo in 2013.

An internal document seen by Money Marketing shows Iress expects to maintain the Trigold system as long as demand persists, which it estimates will be for two to three years.

Iress executive general product manager Andrew Simon says: “We are committed to supporting the evolving needs of mortgage intermediaries, making it easier for them to advise on and sell mortgage products.

“Our Xplan Mortgage product is central to this, and this first Trigold sourcing module will help improve the speed and efficiency of the mortgage sourcing process for our clients.

“Advisers want flexibility, and our unified solution matches this need, providing the flexibility to utilise as many or as few optional modules as wanted to best match the  personal requirements of the user. We have already seen the efficiency gains in our pilot user groups and are confident Xplan Mortgage will prove to be a vital and differentiated tool in advisers’ toolkits.”