Intelliflo launches new client portal

Intelliflo is launching a new portal to allow clients of IFAs to analyse their investments and carry out basic transactions.

The Personal Finance Portal has been in development over the last two years. A pilot scheme featuring more than 600 advisers, design consultants and customers has been running since January 2010. The system will go live at the end of January for those who took part in the pilot and will be rolled out to all Intelliflo customers at the end of March.

Development of the portal has so far cost £1.2m and it has had 53,000 pre-orders from IFA clients for the service.

It allows clients to see where their assets are being invested, in what products investments are held and analysis of investment fund performance. It has a function called stock overlap which allows clients to see underlying stocks in each fund and compare that across their other investments.

New developments to the Personal Finance Portal are expected to be added at the end of each quarter throughout 2012, including the ability for clients to conduct simple business such as topping up Isas if the adviser allows it.

Intelliflo chief executive Nick Eatock says: “This is a really simple way for clients to be able to access in-depth information about their investments and see them in an aggregated format or drill down into however much detail they want.”

EGL financial technology consultant Eddie George says: “This is a natural progression as clients are looking to have easier, more up-to-date access to their investment information.”