Ignis aiming to add fixed-income fund to absolute return range

Ignis Asset Management is planning to expand its range of abso-lute return products with a second fixed-income fund.

Speaking to Money Marketing, sales and marketing director Jonathan Polin says: “We are looking to expand our absolute return suite in the fixed-income area, with something like a global absolute return fund. Absolute return will become more popular. Investors are concerned with limiting outside risks, they are more cautious than they were a few years ago and are more concerned about sovereign debt.”

Ignis has two funds in the absolute return sector – the absolute return government bond fund, which launched in March, and the £7m Argonaut European absolute return fund which launched two years ago.

Earlier this month, Money Marketing revealed Ignis is considering the launch of a higher-risk absolute return fund.

Whitechurch Securities managing director Gavin Haynes says: “There is a place for absolute return as part of a diversified portfolio and the absolute return area will continue to evolve.

“Fixed interest is interesting for absolute return managers at the moment as we are coming to the end of a bull market in bonds, so managers can make use of sophisticated strategies to capitalise on when the asset class is not doing well.”