IFP sets up TV channel

The Institute of Financial Planning is launching its own online TV channel to help advisers with their professional development.

The channel will be launched later this month and the initial range of programmes, in partnership with Prudential, will cover technical areas such as pensions and inheritance tax, onshore and offshore investment, and risk assessment.

The channel will also broadcast a series on leaders in financial planning, and topical news and presentations.

IFP president and Bluefin Wealth Management financial planner Marlene Shalton has been interviewed for IFPTV, as have other past IFP presidents including Paul Etheridge.

IFP chief executive Nick Cann says: “This is yet another exciting initiative by the IFP which recognises the changing habits of the financial planning community.

My embracing the medium of TV we are able to spread wisdom and best practice to all corners of the UK. In due course, we will be able to use this powerful medium to capture the real value of financial planning and communicate it to the consumer.”

The IFP says the channel will help to engage consumers with the financial planning process and will be used as part of its annual Financial Planning Week campaign in November.