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HSBC Life – Stockmarket Linked Growth Bond


Stockmarket Linked Growth Bond

Type: Guaranteed equity bond

Aim: Growth linked to the performance of the FSTE 100 index

Minimum-maximum investment:5,000-100,0000

Term: Five years

Return: 85% of the growth in the index at the end of the term

Guarantee: Original capital returned in full regardless of the performance of the index

Closing date: October 28, 2005

Commission: None

Tel: 0845 745 6125


The buoys from Brazil

Brazil is an attractive emerging market, particularly in the consumer and commodity areas. The consumer market is large and growing while the country has many natural resources, which can be extracted at low prices.

Wrapping up new business

Let me start by making a statement of the obvious. The world is changing and financial services is not exempt. Some changes are small and some are fundamental. Some are desired and some are forced on us.

Alison O’connell

James Phillipps interviews the Pensions Policy Institute director who believes the PPI has an important role in assessing the pension debate independently of lobbyists who are just setting out their own cases and she says the media and some financial services figures are causing confusion for the public over pensions and need to get their facts right

The Great British Break-Off

Despite predictions that a vote to leave the European Union would result in an economic apocalypse, UK equities have shown the market equivalent of a stiff upper lip: bouncing back, keeping calm, and carrying on. Although the road towards Brexit remains clouded in uncertainty, UK equities offer a range of opportunities to investors seeking returns […]


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