HSBC launches Emerging Markets ETF

HSBC has launched an emerging markets exchange-traded fund onto the London Stock Exchange.

The Irish-domiciled HSBC MSCI emerging markets ETF will replicate the performanceof the MSCI emerging markets index (net total return).

The index tracks the performance of the lartest companies in a range of emerging economies, including Brazil, Russia, China and India.

The ETF will use physical replication of the index and has a total expense ratio of 0.6 per cent.

Farley Thomas, the head of ETFs at HSBC, says: “MSCI Emerging Markets is an iconic index for tracking emerging markets worldwide, making this latest launch an important milestone in the expansion of HSBC’s ETF offering in Europe.

“As is the case for all HSBC ETFs in Europe and Asia, this fund offers extremely good value, as well as physical exposure to the total-return performance of the index net of fees.”