HMRC rolls out online tax accounts


HM Revenue & Customs has launched its services for online tax accounts as part of a drive to modernise the UK’s tax services.

More than a million UK taxpayers will be directed to new online personal tax accounts  as part of self-assessment.

The service will enable customers to update details in real time, make it easier to contact HMRC, and provide a clearer display of the tax paid.

By May, the service will be expanded so that customers can use an online payment and repayment facility, as well as look ahead and behind on their tax positions and opt out of paper statements.

It comes as the Government seeks to modernise the UK’s tax system, closing many HMRC offices as part of a “making tax digital” strategy.

Treasury financial secretary David Gauke says: “Giving customers the ability to manage their tax affairs online is our latest step towards a fully digital tax system. This Government is determined to revolutionise how we deliver public services and the tax system is no exception.

“By 2020 HMRC will be a world leading tax administration that is efficient, effective and easier for customers to use, enabled by £1.3bn of extra investment announced in November’s Autumn Statement.”

Two million businesses are already using their digital accounts and every business will have access to one by April next year.