Guernsey Qrops providers to establish code of conduct

The code of conduct which is expected to be in place by June will be led by a technical committee formed of service providers, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and both legal and accounting professionals.

Speaking yesterday at a Guernsey Finance Qrops masterclass held in London, Guernsey Finance CEO Peter Niven said: “This is not a Guernsey Finance intitiative but it is an important part of Qrops going forward.  The code of conduct will have to be a flexible and living document which will be amended as other issues arise but at least it will be there and available on each provider’s website for clients to see what conduct we expect.” 

One of the committee members Close head of marketing Rex Cowley says: “Whilst this code of conduct will not be enforceable by law, it will ensure that IFAs who are dealing with Guernsey Qrops providers will get comfrort from providers that clearly demonstrate they adhere to the code and those that don’t.”