Former New Star CIO launches advisory business

Alan Miller, the former chief investment officer of New Star, has launched an advisory offshoot of its wealth management business SCM Private.

SCM Financial Planning will utilise the low cost, index fund-based approach to investing that has been espoused by the wealth management business.

The “retail distirbution review ready”, fee-based advisory arm wil also work with other passive fund providers.

Gina Miller, the sales and marketing director at SCM Financial Planning, says: “We believe this is the right time to set up a new model financial advisory service.

“Our approach is simple: we want to extend choice, guide clients through the thicket of financial and investment products and legislative changes to provide them with exceptional advice that empowers them to achieve their financial goals and ambitions.”

The new business arm will be headed by chartered financial planner Susan Hill and will offer wealth planning with investment management advice from Alan Miller.