Flynn setting up new retirement specialist

The firm, The Retirement Adviser, will advise individual and corporate clients, specialising in annuities, Usps, Asps and pension transfers.

The firm has been set up as a division of the LEBC group, a big IFA firm which is part of Sesame.

Currently, there is a team of five, with four ex-Origen staff and one, Mark Taylor, who used to work for Regent.

Flynn says its own in-house system and processes will allow it to transact large volumes efficiently and will separate it from competitors.

He says the firm will typically target the middle to higher-end consumer with around £100,000 worth of investments.

He says: “We are seeing more annuity business than drawdown. The future of this will depend on annuity market rates but already we are seeing over 50 per cent of our business is annuities.”

The firm will be offering a referral service for advisers who do not want to specialise in this area and will run a recruitment drive in 2009.